Please read the FAQs first before sending your message and follow the appropriate procedure to meet and learn from Acharya Shree.
We are unable to provide personal guidance via email.

How can I receive help or guidance from Acharya Shree?

Spiritual guidance, especially right guidance, is extremely important for any spiritual practitioner or truth seeker. The best way to receive personal and customized guidance from Acharya Shree Yogeesh is to meet him in person at Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat.  At Siddhayatan you can take classes or sign up for a private consultation.

If you are unable to travel, Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat will try to accommodate phone consultations for you. You can request an appointment by filling out the form below and you will receive more details. Appointments are limited due to Acharya Shree’s teaching and traveling schedule.

Please note that personal guidance will not be provided via email.

How can I meet Acharya Shree in person?

    1. Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat hosts a public monthly Satsang event once per month where you can learn from and meet Acharya Shree Yogeesh in-person. To be notified of these events, sign up here.
    2. You can also sign up for a retreat at Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat and take classes with him. Please visit Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat’s calendar for dates.

If traveling to Siddhayatan is not a possibility for you at this time, be sure to sign up to receive updates to see if Acharya Shree is visiting your city or a town near-by.

How can I become a student of Acharya Shree?

To become a dedicated student of Acharya Shree, click here to learn more.

I've been doing spiritual practices and something is not right, can Acharya Shree help me?

Acharya Shree might be able to help you depending on your situation. You must meet him in person so he can assess your situation and provide the correct teachings, techniques, or advice. The best way to receive help is to meet him in person at Siddhayatan Spiritual Retreat. There you will be able to receive personal guidance, attend classes, sign up for a private consultation, and more. If visiting Acharya Shree is not a possibility, you can inquire about scheduling a phone consultation. Click here for more information.

Where can I learn more about the teachings of Acharya Shree?

To find all the different ways to learn from Acharya Shree please click here.

How can I support Acharya Shree's spiritual and humanitarian efforts?

Thank you for considering to support Acharya Shree’s spiritual and humanitarian efforts. Please click here to select the project you would like to support.

We also offer a 30-day volunteer Ashram Living Experience program where help out at Acharya Shree’s ashram in Texas by sharing your time, talents, and skills. Click here to learn more about the Ashram Living program.

Can I organize an event in my city where Acharya Shree Yogeesh can teach a group of people?

Absolutely! If you can organize a minimum of 20 people in your town or city the Siddhayatan Team will consider your request for a potential visit and lecture by Acharya Shree.

If you can organize and promote the event in your area please fill out the contact form below to receive more information.

Travel with Acharya Shree Yogeesh

Occassionally Acharya Shree Yogeesh takes a group of students on international pilgrimage trips like India and Nepal. To receive updates about trips be sure to add your email address to our mailing list here.

Invite Acharya Shree at your next Spiritual Event

Siddhayatan will review requests for Acharya Shree to travel to your city. Please submit your request via the contact form below and we will send you more information to have Acharya Shree speak or teach at your event.

Connect with Acharya Shree

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At Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat

A spiritual hub located near Dallas, Texas to help you grow and advance on your spiritual journey. Meet Acharya Shree Yogeesh in person. Participate in a retreat, take classes, attend a free monthly Satsang, visit the meditation park and more. Spiritual retreats and workshops with Acharya Shree include Awakening the Soul, Transforming Anger, Chakra Awakening, PTSD & Addiction Healing, Meditation, Purnam Yoga ®, Laws of Karma, and more!

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To receive direct help from Acharya Shree it is best to visit Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat and sign up for a retreat, classes, or private consultation. Fill out the form if you have specific questions that do not involve direct guidance. Due to the overwhelming number of requests, it may take time to receive a response.



If you are a Truth Seeker and eager to find the truth about life, your existence, your purpose, the mystery behind it all be sure to study under the guidance of Acharya Shree. Acharya Shree’s teachings are simple, beautiful, challenging, and most importantly they are paving the road for those souls ready to free themselves. Click below to start learning.

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