Acharya Shree’s disciples are dedicated students who are seeking to be on the righteous spiritual path. Disciples seek spiritual guidance, transformation, soul awakening, truth, and practice the discipline given to them by their spiritual teacher. They are fully committed to following the path as established by Acharya Shree Yogeesh. The two types of disciples are householders and ordained monks. To become a disciple, you will take vows to establish yourself on your spiritual path and to accept Acharya Shree as your spiritual teacher and guide.

I’m not here to make you a follower.
I’m here to make you a master.

– Acharya Shree Yogeesh


Acharya Shree’s path helps spiritual practitioners, truth seekers, soul seekers, yogis, or anyone seeking transformation, soul awakening, self-discovery, enlightenment, and ultimately freedom.


Acharya Shree has set a path of principles, discipline, spiritual practice, awareness, purity, devotion, and commitment. A dedicated disciple will begin to discover who they really are and will begin to dissolve their karma in order to set their soul free. It is strongly encouraged and recommended to learn from Acharya Shree in person at least once in a lifetime before his soul becomes a Siddha. To make this happen, you can visit Siddhayatan Tirth & Spiritual Retreat or meet him at a lecture or workshop when he visits your city or country or when he’s close by your town. If this is not possible, students can learn remotely by listening to Acharya Shree’s podcast, reading his books, and watching his videos on YouTube and Truth Seeker Circle.

⇢ The student who wishes to become a householder disciple will take the 7 vows. When followed, these vows close the major sources of karmic collection, they can transform a person fully and help them to stay on the spiritual track. The vows are (1) Non-Violence (including vegetarianism), (2) No Hunting, (3) Truthfulness, (4) No Stealing, (5) No Prostitution or Pornography, (6) No Drugs, Alcohol, & Smoking, and (7) No Gambling.

⇢ The student who wishes to become a monk disciple will be required to first experience ashram living at Siddhayatan Tirth for at least 30 days. While living at the ashram they will have the opportunity to serve, experience humility, practice discipline, understand surrender, acceptance, tolerance, and be devoted to Acharya Shree, implementing his vision, and the spiritual path. Their service and experience will indicate if the person is ready to take on the path to monkhood. If they are accepted to continue, they will then move on to monk training which will vary based on each person. When Acharya Shree thinks the monk-trainee is ready, he will then initiate them as monks into the Siddha Sangha monk order, and they will take the 5 Mahavratas (great vows) (1) Non-violence – Ahimsa, (2) Truth – Satya, (3) Non-stealing – Achaurya or Asteya, (4) Celibacy/Chastity – Brahmacharya, (5) Non-attachment/Non-possession – Aparigraha.



Acharya Shree’s teachings are purely spiritual and can help any seeker transform their lives.


A female or male monk disciple (sadhvi or saman) chooses to renounce the worldly life to be fully committed to the spiritual path as accpeted by Acharya Shree. Monks begin their training at Siddhayatan Tirth and when Acharya Shree knows they are ready, they take Diksha (monk initiation ceremony), take the 5 mahavratas (great vows), receive a spiritual name, and become ordained monks of the Siddha Sangh order.


A householder disciple (shravak/shravika) chooses to not be a monk, live simply, have a partner or family. Householders take 7 vows to keep them on track and are still engaged in society but with a serious interest to grow spiritually under the guidance of Acharya Shree. Once the individual is ready to take their vows, Acharya Shree will initiate them and they will receive a spiritual name (when ready).


A student is any person that follows some or all of the teachings with no necessary commitment. They may not be ready to dive deep into the teachings but as they advance on their path and increase their understanding they may begin to consider becoming more serious with their studies, practices, and taking the vows.



To become a householder disciple please fill out the following form: