Fake Spiritual Teachers/Gurus and How to Know Difference – Ep. 6

Acharya Shree Yogeesh dives into the controversial subject of fake spiritual teachers, gurus, and masters. If a student is a real spiritual student, one will know if the teacher is real. Most students are not “real” with the qualities and symptoms as discussed in previous episodes. Acharya Shree reminds us that there have been fake teachers in the past, there are fake teachers now, and there will be fake teachers in the future. The important thing is to recognize the symptoms of one who is not real even though they seem popular, are well-versed and educated, have a charismatic personality and are great speakers. One of the main qualities is that the teacher has renounced the world — if they are indulged in luxury, gaining massive followership and fame, trick and fool people, it already shows they are not real.